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Make Them Remember You: Pens

I recently went to a benefit dessert with a few friends. At each place setting was an itinerary for the evening, a scrumptious dessert, and a pen. The event was the foundation’s annual “Fancy Dessert,” and cleverly scripted on the pen were the words, “Fancy Pen.” You can be sure their take away gift was memorable! Were it just an ordinary pen, it would be lost in a purse somewhere. Instead, my “Fancy Pen” makes its home next to my journal, where I’ll remember the evening and the wonderful work the foundation is doing in our community.

What about you? Do you have a special pen that reminds you of an event, inspiring business, or friend?  If you’re looking for branded material that makes a lot of impressions and is easy on the budget, pens are the way to go.  For whatever reason, customers love pens. Maybe I should clarify: they love pens that write really well and are comfortable to write with.  Let our team help you select a great pen so that it becomes the talk around town.  Cheesy, yep!  But we can’t tell you how many props we get for our pens; people really do like them.  And considering how inexpensive they are, that’s just fine with us!


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