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Make Them Remember You: Mugs

Make Them Remember You: Mugs

My husband and I have a rule. No coffee mug makes it to the cupboard unless it has a story. Now, it bears mentioning that we both worked at Starbucks in college and went crazy purchasing random mugs with our discounts. Many of those mugs have since seen the shelves of thrift stores and garage sales.

Some of our favorite mugs hold special places or people in our hearts, and quite honestly, are used on a daily basis. The small white mug from the Dole Plantation, the Hawaii Starbucks mug, and a bright yellow mug from our favorite bakery are some of the staples for holding tea or coffee in our house. While their design might not be the most creative, they each hold special memory of the people and places we hold dear in our hearts.


Whether you’re looking to advertise or simply show appreciation to customers or employees, mugs are a great item to make them remember you.  What does your “go to” mug look like?


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