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Make Them Remember You: Calendars and Mousepads

Make Them Remember You: Calendars and Mousepads

Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, and other photo companies are pros at selling memories. But why stop at family memories? Mouse pads and calendars are popular gift items for a reason – they are tools used every day in your home or office.

This industry has endless calendars and themes to choose from.  Your promotional consultant should help you find one that suits your company perfectly! MBS even offers fully custom calendars so your company has complete control over the images, making your calendar truly unique and individual to your brand.

But seriously, why calendars?

Calendars keep your brand in front of your audience every time they reference it.  We might live in a digital world but printed calendars seem to always make their way onto a wall or desk.

Mouse pads are another great gift for your customers because more than likely, the one your customer is using is highly replaceable.  Design a mousepad they will love (we can help!) and your brand will take up valuable real estate on your customer’s desk.

Need more?  Take it one step further and at your next company event, host a photo booth where participants can insert their picture into their very own personalized mousepad (with your company branding of course)!

There are so many great ways to leave an impression with your target audience.  Everyday we get to sit down with customers and think of fun ways to promote their brand.  Every company has a unique identity and we love finding solutions to bring those identities to life.

What’s your brand’s unique identity?  How have you leveraged it?  We would love to hear from you, drop us a comment!


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