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Trade Show Quick Tips: Growing Your Prospect List

Trade Show Quick Tips: Growing Your Prospect List

Growing your prospect list should be a top priority.  Many companies attend tradeshows and don’t even bother growing their list.  Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity.  Remember that you’re not the only booth at the show and even though you may have a great conversation with a prospect, that doesn’t mean they are going to pursue you afterwards.  It’s important to collect their information so that you can continue to market to them long after the show ends.

Opt-InUse strategies mentioned in earlier episodes to collect contact information such as having contact cards printed before the show and gamification strategies to get people to fill them out.  Make sure you provide an area to opt-in or out of any future marketing correspondence.  You will be surprised how many people will say it is ok to send them periodic e-mails and they will appreciate the opportunity to choose.


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