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Trade Show Quick Tips: Print and SWAG

Trade Show Quick Tips:  Print and SWAG

This is an area where you need to give yourself some time to allow for your printed products to arrive before the show.  Hopefully you have a good inventory of these items and won’t need to order too much.  As I mentioned in an earlier episode, your printed items can range from business cards and brochures to complete catalogs.  For growing that prospect list make sure you order some contact cards for attendees to fill out.

Trade Show bags make great billboards by attendees rockin' the SWAG!

Trade Show bags make great billboards by attendees rockin’ the SWAG!

Promotional products can be a really nice boost to your show’s success if you know how to use them properly.  You will want to develop a strategy for how you will distribute these items.  Some promo items are great for handing out to anyone who stops by the booth.  These items include pens, notepads, hand sanitizer, stress toys, mousepads, etc.  They aren’t expensive items nor are they show stoppers, but they will get used which is important.  Don’t purchase items that will only make it as far as the trash.  The point of using promotional products is to give an item with your company’s branding that will remind them of your company every time they use it.  Higher value items should only be handed out to serious prospects or as prizes if you choose a gamification strategy.  Higher value items can range from branded apparel and drinkware to travel bags and executive gifts.

You know you have made a positive impression on a prospect when you follow up with them after the show and see your promo on their desk!  There is nothing more valuable than having your brand in front of your prospects and clients everyday.



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