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Trade Show Quick Tips: Drawing a Crowd

Trade Show Quick Tips:  Drawing a Crowd

goproHave you noticed that people flock towards crowds?  They don’t want to miss out on what everyone else is apart of.  If you want to have huge success at a tradeshow, figure out how to draw a crowd.  You will have the attention of all the attendees and even the other exhibitors who might be a little jealous that you are snagging all their traffic.  Here are three easy ways to draw a crowd:

Gamification is one of our favorites and weapon of choice.  Gamification works because it’s fun and people love testing their luck.  If you’re wondering what gamification is, it simply means incorporating game type elements in a non-game context.  To incorporate gamification at your tradeshow booth, set up a plinko game or one of those “spin the wheel” type games.  Make the prizes relevant to your business and make sure you collect player contact info in exchange for playing (more on that in our “Growing Your Prospect List” episode).

Giveaways are another way to draw a crowd on your own terms.  Establish certain times throughout the show that you will be giving away one of your products and make sure attendees are aware of it.  GoPro CEO Nick Woodman grew his company from the ground up attending tradeshows and giving away one of his cameras several times throughout the show.  Each time he did, he collected contact info and followed up with his new prospect list after the show.

One of our customer's recently sponsored a booth at a local trade show.  Stinson's sells office furniture and supplies and they put together a great booth!

One of our customers recently sponsored a booth at a local trade show. Stinson’s sells office furniture and supplies. This was a great booth that really showcased what they do.

Sponsoring the event will give you a lot of publicity as well as a prime location at the event.  If it’s possible to buy traffic at a tradeshow this is as close as it gets.  If you can afford it it’s a good option.  That doesn’t mean establishing other strategies for drawing a crowd shouldn’t be considered.  Being a sponsor brings with it expectations from attendees that you will have a great booth worth visiting, so don’t fall short.



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